Why Pyrenees Gold Garlic?

Pyrenees Gold Garlic is situated in the Pyrenees Region of central Victoria.

We sell variety of garlic for farmer's markets and personal internet orders. Our speciality is the Australian cultivar Monaro Purple although Italian White is making a strong challenge for popularity and the traditional white skin varieties are still in demand.

Blazing Hot summers – freezing Cold winters… Our garlic is usually planted (depending on temperature) late March and harvested toward the end of November.

Specialising in Monaro Purple & Italian White, our garlic is grown following strict organic principles and enjoy the coolness of rich ploughed beds.

Why Australian Grown Garlic is important

Imported garlic may be grown with chemicals that are banned in Australia.

According to AGIA, imported garlic is often cool stored, treated with growth inhibitors to stop it from sprouting, bleached for whiteness, and fumigated with methyl bromide (Aus quarantine requirement, AQIS) to kill bugs and plant matter.

The vast majority of garlic imported into Australia comes from Africa, China, Tiawan, New Zealand and the USA. Imported Garlic is also sprayed with Maleic Hydrazide to extend shelf life, which is not generally used in Australia.

Our garlic is Grown following Organic principles. We grow our Garlic using the healthiest seed stock that we carefully selected. You can eat our garlic cooked or raw in a variety of ways chop it up or mince it, and add it to dips, pizzas, soups, marinades, pasta, stir-fries, roasts and salad dressings.

How to select and store garlic

Garlic bulbs should feel firm with no soft patches. Different garlic varieties have different keeping qualities.

Generally, from their November harvest, garlic will last up to April before sprouting. In temperate areas, bulbs should be stores in a well-ventilated, cool, dark and dry place; a mesh bag is ideal.

In hot or humid areas, garlic may be best stored in the fridge to avoid the humidity; it isn't idea, as the flavour is diminished. For longer storage, garlic may be easily frozen.

Our Garlic


While maximum points go to the biggest and most impressive bulbs, size isn't everything! Take our Petite Dynamite for example - small but perfectly formed and packing quite a punch!


White, purple or pink, our garlic has to have a strong and healthy glow.


Probably the most important of the criteria and while it's all subjective, any garlic lover will be able to tell a good one from a bad one - we're here to make sure you only get the garlic you love!


For some people a bulb can last a long time so it's important that it can stand the heat in a modern kitchen. We strive to harvest on time just when the bulbs have reached their full size. It depends a lot on the variety, but we'll be sure to let you know how long you can keep your garlic before it's past it's best.


When you consider all these things, we hope that you will find that our family farm offers the best value and that you will re-order for the next season. It doesn't matter how many bulbs you buy, your complete satisfaction is our only goal.


Out plants are not held for later shipments. We ship via express mail for two-to-three-day delivery.